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Adam Schultz
Souful Distancing

Blue Heart Records
Released July 16, 2021

  1. A Real Mother For Ya  4:33
(Johnny Watson, Songs of Universal, Inc. o/b/o Vrijon Music)
  2. Early in The Mornin'  4:55
(Louis Jordan, Cherio Corporation, Ocheri Publishing Corp.)
  3. Good Conversation  5:03
(Adam Schultz, Bluescope Music)
  4. Harlem Tonight  3:58
(Adam Schultz, Bluescope Music)
  5. Who (Who Told You)  3:43
(Bernard Roth, Sunflower Music Inc.)
  6. Have Some Faith  4:27
(Adam Schultz & Aviva Verbitsky, Bluescope Music)
  7. Cure For The Blues  4:52
(Adam Schultz, Bluescope Music)
  8. Toxic Medicine  4:17
(Adam Schultz, Bluescope Music)
  9. Can I Change My Mind  4:14
(Barry Despenza and Carl Wolfolk, Warner-Tamerlane Pub Corp.)
10. Cut You Loose  4:46
(Mel London, Bug Music o/b/o Lonmel Publishing, Inc. and Conrad Music)
11. 44 Blues  5:08
(Roosevelt Sykes, BMG Bumblebee)



Adam Schultz  guitar

Clarence Spady  guitar, vocals (1, 2, 5, 9, 10, 11)

Adam Cohen  bass

Robert O'Connell  organ, piano (8, 11)

Sharon O'Connell  drums

Tom Hamilton  tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone

Scott Brown  piano

Michael Angelo  vocals (3, 4, 7, 8)

Ekat Pereyra  vocals (6)

Jon Ventre  bass (3, 5)

Maia Banks  background vocals (2)

Pat Marcinko  percussion


Produced by Clarence Spady & Douglas Schultz


Recorded 10/16/19 to 11/08/2020 at Red Rock Studios, Saylorsburg, PA.


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Kent Heckman.

Pre-orders are available beginning June 18, 2021 at your choice of music retailer.


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